Stone staircases

Whether it be indoor or outdoor, grand or simple, a natural stone staircase offers a sense of luxury to any location. Stone staircases are not something you typically see every day, so their inclusion in your project can become a real focal point or statement piece.

Using natural stone is a great way to celebrate and honour the natural environment in your project. This type of elaborate stonework isn’t an easy job, and so it can’t be completed by just anyone. You will need an experienced stonemason with the right knowledge to build your staircase from natural stone materials.

Staircases contain a sequence of risers and treads and they need to be structurally sound, flat and smooth. This might be easy enough when you’re working with timber, but natural stone requires precise work and careful stone selection – something a stonemason with experience in building staircases will help you with. Creating uniform steps, especially when using natural stone, is important not just for aesthetics but also for safety.

There is a range of natural stone styles and colours you can choose from to complete your staircase project. We can assist with your selection process, offering advice on the most suitable material and care and maintenance information. Once you’ve made your selection, we can assist in sourcing your natural stone from a local supplier before we get started on the project build.

If you are planning on including a natural stone staircase for your project, we can help you from start to finish. Using the right materials and qualified stonemasons will lead to a perfect and durable staircase you can enjoy for many years to come.


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