Stone Restoration and Maintenance

Natural stone is typically chosen for its luxury and prestige, but an investment such as marble or granite needs to be protected and maintained to keep it looking Its best Proper maintenance such as periodic buffing or polishing protects your investment and keeps the stonework looking good year-round.

However, stone can lose its lustre over time because of heavy foot traffic, general wear or lack of proper maintenance. In this case, it may seem like your stone needs to be replaced but that’s not generally the case. Stone restoration by a specialist can bring your stone back to its original condition. Stone is likely to wear a little during the installation process through handling from the processing factory and installation. When restored by a specialist, natural stone will often look better than when it was first installed. This is especially true for polished floor installations.

Marble Pro offers maintenance for luxury commercial and residential properties.

Stone Restoration and Maintenance
Honing <br><noscript><img src=

and polishing (dust free)

Stone surfaces can become dull with wear and over time. Rehoning or repolishing the stone is a crucial part of the restoration process. The stone is lightly honed to open the pores. This removes etched marks and scratches and allows for a thorough deep clean while the stones pores are open. Any damage is then repaired and stone is restored to your desired finish through high quality expert stone polishing.

Etched <br><noscript><img src=

marks removal

Etched marks are caused on certain stones by contact with acidic or high alkaline substances. Most household cleaning products are of this nature and shouldn’t be used on natural stone surfaces. Some foods and liquids are also high in acidity and can etch stone surfaces – particulary on stone with a high polished finish.

Chip<br><noscript><img src=

and crack repair

Is your natural stone chipped or cracked in places? Before you replace your stone, consider having it restored first.

Natural Stone varies in porosity and hardness. Some stones are more susceptible to chips and cracks then others. However, all is not lost. Most chips and cracks can be repaired by professionals. Repair requires a trained eye to complete and includes meticulous colour matching of epoxy resins. If the damage is beyond repair, sometimes stone replacement is possible.

Stain removal <br><noscript><img src=

Stain removal
and extraction

Porous stones like sandstone, limestone and marble can develop stains over time which become embedded inside the stone. For instance, white marble can be more susceptible to staining and discolouration. The cause of strains can vary but they need to be treated correctly to achieve the desired results. Stains on all types of natural stone need to be accurately indentified before removal can begin. Trained professionals are able to remove staining without compromising the integrity of the stone.

Grouting <br><noscript><img src=

and regrouting

Discoloured or cracked grout lines can severly impact the overall appearance of your stonework. Part of the restoration process may require deep cleaning and repair of grout lines. In some cases, damaged grout may need to be removed and replaced.



The best way to protect your stone and ensure it looks good for many years to come is through proper sealing. Sealing natural stone is essential to protect it from liquids and stains penetrating the surface. The technology of sealers has improved tremendously over the last decade for both interior and exterior stone surfaces. Sealers are best applied by a professional applicator for optimal results and longevity.

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