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Maxisil N – Natural Stone Silicone
Maxisil N – Natural Stone Silicone



How to take care of
your natural stone

Natural stone is a luxurious choice for your home. It’s not just functional, it’s an investment. And, just like any investment, it needs proper care. We can assist you in ways to adequately maintain your choice of natural stone.

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Using a pH Neutral Cleaner

The most important thing to remember when caring for your natural stone is to use a pH neutral cleaner. Almost all choices of natural stones are sensitive to acid. If you use an alkaline cleaner, it may etch or burn the surface leaving it discolored and rough to the touch. Most regular household cleaners, if used, can damage your natural stone surface. Likewise, home remedies such as vinegar and lemon can damage your precious stone.pH neutral cleaners are ideal for everyday cleaning of your natural stone surfaces and to ensure they remain in good condition. Using pH neutral cleaners also maximise the longevity of your penetrating sealer as they don’t damage the surface of your stone.

The importance of penetrating sealers

Sealers can be extremely beneficial in protecting and increasing the longevity of your natural stone. As stone is a natural product it is naturally porous. The main purpose of a sealer is to protect your stone against stains. Topical sealers are designed to bond onto the surface of the stone and often create a high to low sheen. Penetrating sealers are designed to be absorbed below the stone surface, providing greater protection.At Marble Pro, we recommend penetrating sealers rather than topical sealers are used to coat the stone as they provide greater protection. Penetrating sealers also allow natural stone to breathe, which is an important factor in maintaining the integrity of the product. Breathable sealers work by allowing vapor to pass through as a gas but repelling liquids which can stain or damage your natural stone.

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