Maxisil N – Natural Stone Silicone


Maxisil N is a non-staining neutral cure silicone designed for expansion joints in natural stone e.g Marble & Granite.
*Please note that colour samples are not true to the actual colour. This is a guide only.

Natural Stone Silicone
Can be used for interior and exterior areas.
Maxisil N guarantees that there is no danger of migration of softeners or other components into the edge of the stone.
Easy to apply with good tooling properties

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N1 Clear, N11 Light Grey, N12 Pearl grey, N14 Manhattan, N15 Grey, N16 Dark grey, N17 Anthracite, N18 Black, N2 White, N20 Noce, N23 Grigio, N27 Travertine, N28 Havanna, N29 Matte White, N3 Alabaster, N30 Matte Black, N31 Matte Anthracite, N33 Matte Dark Grey, N34 Matte Manhattan, N35 Monumento, N36 Matte Monumento, N4 Vanilla, N5 Sand, N6 Beige, N9 Brown