Wall cladding

Stone feature walls can create a dramatic statement in your design project. Using large slabs of natural stone for walls also help to show the beauty of this natural material, unique in every piece.

Stone choices for feature walls are practically endless. Slabs can be made from translucent stone and back-lit or made from stone with dramatic colours to really stand out. If you prefer, more neutral colour choices can create texture without overpowering the other design elements of your project. Whatever your aim, there is a stone choice to suit your design and space. Aside from just its looks, natural stone is also a practical choice for walls, as it is highly durable and easy to maintain.

Stone wall cladding can also serve a practical purpose, such as surrounding a fireplace, because of the durability and heat resistance of natural stone material. It is commonly used to protect walls and surrounds from indoor fireplaces in homes, apartments and offices. While protecting the wall beneath it, natural stone can also create a statement all of its own: adding an additional design element to your space.

Working with large slabs of natural stone is best left to a qualified stonemason. We can assist you to choose the right natural stone for your wall cladding project, taking into consideration the space and design. If you are using stone to surround a fireplace, we can offer advice on the stone which provides the best heat resistant and durability for the task.

We can assist you with your stone selection and then source your natural stone from a local supplier. Then we will
get to work on the installation. We will also offer advice on long-term maintenance of your stone, so it continues to look its best for years to come.

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